(Cover) - EN Movies - Taylor Kitsch says critics should “at least watch” John Carter before blasting the film.

The actor plays the title role - a man who discovers a planet inhabited by barbarians. The film has received less than favourable reviews since its release earlier this month. However Taylor thinks the movie is worthy of a sequel.

“I’d love to do another one I doubt it just because of the negativity surrounding it before people even watched it,” he told BBC 1 Newsbeat.

“You can have your opinion at about the film at any point but at least watch it before you start.”

Taylor adds the movie has grossed about $300 million since its release and he is happy with the outcome. The star considers himself lucky to have been given the opportunity.

“I had a good struggle before I got to this point,” he said. “If I was homeless and someone told me I was going to be in a movie that made 300-plus million dollars, than I’d think that’s a pretty good thing.”

Taylor insists he is thankful for the offer to star in the film despite the bad reception. He is says he is taking all the criticism in his stride.

“If I kept worrying about the variables I have no control over than I’d me a mess. Emotionally I’d be all over the map,” he admits.

“And that’s their choice to market the way they did and that’s the way it ended. I had no control over that.”

The 30-year-old says he has learned from his experience in the film based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs' 11-volume Barsoom series of novels. Taylor insists he has “gone through worse things” in his life and wouldn’t have done “anything different”.

“It’s really about growing as actor and improving,” he said.

“One of proudest things I ever accomplished as an actor was The Bang Bang Club and it barely got released so I’d be suicidal if took it that the box office validated me as an actor.

“I mean Disney did there thing and all I can do is worry about my performance and breathing life into him and bringing the plot that script deserved to life.”

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