Kim Kardashian was trolled by fans after "embarrassing" typo on a pair of Skims underpants.

The reality TV star and entrepreneur was targeted by followers who noticed an unfortunate grammatical error on one of her new products.

The thong underpants, part of 43-year-old Kim's new Skims bridal range, feature embroidered lettering with wedding-inspired phrases, such as "Foreva eva" and "Future Wifey".

But one eagle-eyed fan spotted that a pair was stitched with the words, "Your Mine", instead of the grammatically correct "You're Mine".

"Omg this typo! She should be humiliated!" the fan wrote in a Reddit post.

Many agreed, with a number of followers questioning how an obvious typographical error could have made it through the design process all the way to production.

"That is so embarrassing how does that even get past design planning?!?" one follower replied.

While another wrote: "how could this get past so many people without anyone noticing?"

Others joked the embroidery was intentional, suggesting it referred to mine fields, or diamond mines.

"Maybe it’s not a typo and it really means “your mine” as in mine field," one follower wrote, adding a cry-laugh emoji for emphasis.