Daniel Radcliffe has clarified his previous claims about Jonathan Groff cutting it fine when he arrives at the theatre for their show.

The Harry Potter actor and Lindsay Mendez have addressed their earlier comments about their Merrily We Roll Along co-star Jonathan getting to the Hudson Theatre much later than they do before the Broadway musical's start time.

"When we did our first round of press for this, we talked about how late he gets into the theatre, and I would like to amend that," Daniel said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast on Thursday. "Because it is not quite true. He is always in the theatre by half hour (before)."

He continued, "He is just not in his dressing room until, like, sometimes two minutes before the show. But he is always ready and he is always in the building."

Lindsay added, "He got a lot of heat for that. And he is always there at half hour. He just takes his time to get to his costume."

Jonathan, Lindsay, and Daniel appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in October last year to promote the production. During their appearance, they joked about their different ways of getting ready for the show.

"We're giving the three bears. Like, he (Daniel) is ready before half hour, I'm ready right at about, like, five (minutes to showtime), and Jonathan is running in from the street at play (start), with a coffee, wanting to, like, talk about the day," Lindsay said at the time. "It's really weird."

When Stephen asked, "How is that a thing you can do?", the Frozen actor responded, "I like to bring my day to the play."

The trio's run in the show is currently expected to end in July.