Oprah Winfrey has shared details of her bond with Gayle King.

The iconic talk show host and TV producer has revealed that she has "never" needed therapy, thanks to her fellow TV personality and close friend Gayle.

"I've never been to a therapist because I had so many on the show, but my real therapy came from downloading whatever was happening in the day with Gayle every night," Oprah, 70, told People in an interview for the 50th anniversary special issue.

Oprah and Gayle, 69, first met in 1976 while working at a Baltimore TV station. The duo bonded when a storm prevented Gayle from returning home and she ended up spending the night at Oprah's house.

"There wasn't a day that we missed being on some kind of phone call talking about what had happened in our days," Oprah continued of the friendship.

Years after the duo became friends, Oprah realised that their daily conversations acted as therapy for her.

"I realised years later, talking to an expert about something else, that that was my therapy, that was my release," she told the outlet. "That was the way I not only kept myself grounded, but it was the way I regulated myself every day."

The Colour Purple star revealed she is grateful for the bond she shares with the broadcast journalist.

"I've had one of the best friendships anybody could have," she gushed. "And you can only do that when somebody cares as much about your success, your sadnesses, your triumphs as you do."