Billie Piper has written the first draft of a new romantic comedy movie.

The Doctor Who actress, who wrote and directed 2019's Rare Beasts, revealed on a recent episode of the Table Manners podcast that she has written script for her next feature.

"I've literally finished my first draft last week," she shared. "I say it's a first draft, it's like the vomit draft so it is just more of a purge of ideas, then I'll refine it to a first draft and then probably 18 more drafts down the line."

The 41-year-old explained that once she's happy with the script, she will shop it around and see if "anyone wants to buy it".

Divulging further details about the project, Billie jokingly said, "It's a romantic comedy but it's not that romantic or that funny at this moment, it's dark, but that's really my skill set, I think, the darker comedy stuff."

When podcast co-host and singer Jessie Ware asked if she will star in the feature, Billie admitted she probably will, even though she vowed to never star in and direct the same film after making Rare Beasts.

"I said I would never be in something that I'm directing ever again but now I'm like, 'I guess I'll be in it too,'" she commented. "I think so, I don't know, I have no idea. Also, it may never even see the light of day."

Billie made her directorial debut with Rare Beasts, a psychological romantic drama film which also starred Leo Bill, David Thewlis and Lily James.