Lily Gladstone has been approached and offered more diverse projects since her Oscar nomination for Killers of the Flower Moon.

Earlier this year, the 37-year-old made history when she became the first Native American woman to be nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award for her performance alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's movie.

During an interview with Empire, Gladstone discussed the difference between what she used to be offered and what she's approached for now.

"It's changed so much. Of course, having a lead role in a Scorsese film is going to change any actor's career," she said. "But it's remarkable... walking into a studio meeting and the studio pitching an action film or a romantic comedy to me without ever saying it's a Native character, or being done about Native Americans. It's just as an actor.

"It's all of the things you dream of for yourself when you first become an actor, but unless they were looking for someone Native, I didn't see myself getting to play those characters. There's way more diversity in the things I'm being approached for now and what I'm being offered."

Gladstone's upcoming projects include an ensemble romantic comedy and Reed Morano's drama The Memory Police, which was written by her "favourite screenwriter" Charlie Kaufman.

"I loved getting a call from Reed Morano (about it), who I just fell in love with immediately, and hearing a story which I'm excited about as an artist," she praised. "It's a beyond-my-wildest-dream thing that's coming true, getting to jump into this process."

The actress will next be seen in Fancy Dance, which debuts on Apple TV+ on 28 June.