Ambika Mod has reflected on her audition for the Netflix smash hit series One Day.

In a recent interview with Variety, the British comedian and actress recalled her first audition for the series adaptation of David Nicholls' book.

"There was an initial tape and then a recall with the director, and then we had the chemistry reads - the infamous chemistry reads," Ambika said. "I had another round after that, where I had to be signed off by a dialect coach because I was doing the Yorkshire accent, and I couldn't really do it when I was auditioning."

The actress continued, "I remember my agent called me being like, 'They love you for the part, but they're worried about the accent.' And I was like, 'No s**t. It's a terrible accent. Help me.'"

The This Is Going to Hurt star then explained that despite her accent problems, she got the part a few days later.

"I met with a dialect coach on a Saturday night, and I got the part a couple of days later," she told the outlet.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ambika recalled when she realised the romance series, which also starred Leo Woodall, was a hit.

"There are two answers to this," she shared. "My first answer is when I watched it for the first time last November. I remember feeling really proud of myself because the shoot was really hard."

She continued, "To be able to step back after nine months, after we'd finished, to watch it and be like, 'Oh, we made a really, really good thing and we made something that's really faithful to the book...'"

Ambika then revealed that the second time she realised the series was a hit was "when Kim Kardashian posted about it on her Instagram story" after it was released in February.