(Cover) - EN Movies - Tom Hiddleston thinks directing Avengers Assemble was like taking a “light jog” in a park.

The actor is evil Loki in the new movie, which also stars Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America.

Tom loved shooting the picture but admits he initially wondered how director Joss Whedon would manage to get so many big characters into the plot. He has nothing but praise for how the situation was handled.

“I should say that the thing that was most impressive to me initially about Joss was the incredible screen play that he wrote. That’s an achievement in itself as a filmmaker – his script was simply phenomenal,” Tom told Cover Media. “All of us weren’t sure what to expect and it was the most extraordinary answer to, ‘How do you get all these superheroes in one film?’ And I take my hat off to him for that because I think that was probably his hardest job. It must have made directing it seem like a walk in the park – maybe not a walk in the park, maybe a light jog.”

Loki also appeared in 2011 movie Thor and many of the other actors have portrayed their characters on the big screen previously too.

Tom was pleased that Joss allowed him to have input into Loki’s behaviour.

“[Joss] was incredibly open and that’s really all you want as an actor, to collaborate. Everyone at this table has a degree of ownership about the characters that they play and he’s very respectful of that possession,” he explained. “He’s very respectful that we’ve all lived under the skins of our characters for some time. He was constantly asking, ‘Does this feel right? Does this feel true to you? Is this in your voice?’ But most of the time I was just turning up and saying my very brilliant lines that he’d written on my behalf.”

Avengers Assemble hits UK screens on April 26.