ODEON has been recertified with the Carbon Trust Standard for successfully measuring, managing and reducing carbon emissions in their chain of cinemas across the UK and Ireland. ODEON has reduced carbon emissions by over 10% in the past five years.

ODEON was first awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in 2010 and, in the last two years, has honed its energy efficiency strategies even further to cut carbon emissions by 2,900 tonnes of CO2 and equivalent.

Roger Harris, ODEON and UCI Chief Operating Officer said: “Recertifying under the Carbon Trust Standard has enabled us to identify new areas to increase carbon efficiency, bringing tangible and significant cost savings to our operations through initiatives like the introduction of automatic metering and LED lighting installation. With our carbon reduction strategies now coming of age through the recertification to the Carbon Trust Standard, we plan to continue to renew our commitment to taking action on climate change.”

ODEON has worked over the past five years to implement operational practices that measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions across the chain of cinemas in the UK. These operational changes include the introduction of a standardised energy plan which tracks utility consumption, providing a basis for any necessary adjustments to practices. In addition, the company has put in place a platform to share best practice on minimising carbon impact, with ‘Regional Energy Champions’ appointed to present regularly at dedicated central workshops.

The introduction of Regional Energy Champions has enabled ODEON to offer energy training for all staff, with the creation of a training workbook to ensure full understanding of the buildings energy consumption regardless of the type of equipment, and a central “toolbox” to aid Local Energy Champions. In addition, all ODEON staff are now required to complete an Energy Workbook as they progress through their career.