(Cover) - EN Movies - Michael Fassbender has never been the sort of sci-fi nerd who “collected comic books”.

The actor appears in Sir Ridley Scott’s new movie Prometheus, which is a prequel to the Alien movies.

Although Michael is thrilled to be involved with the project he admits the genre has never been one of his favourites.

“No. Not really,” he replied, when asked if he has always been a sci-fi geek. “I liked Star Wars I suppose, which is pretty sci-fi. But I’ve never been someone who collected comic books or any of that sort of thing. Other than Star Wars, which I did collect lots of things. [Like the] Ewok village that I still have... and the millennium falcon.”

Michael portrays David in Prometheus, which he thinks fans will love. He knows some might be unsure if they haven’t seen the other releases in the extra-terrestrial franchise, but insists they should forget their preconceptions.

“Prometheus is the name of the ship that the crew are on. They go off to this solar system to find answers if they can, possibly are there creators out there and why we exist basically. David is the butler on board the ship,” he explained to a UK TV show.

“It’s of the DNA of Alien, you wouldn’t really need to see any of the other films. Although you should, because they’re great films. You don’t need to to figure out what’s going on in the story.”