(Cover) - EN Movies - Josh Brolin was reportedly “extremely apologetic” when he accidentally threw Kate Winslet through a railing.

The two stars have been shooting their new movie Labor Day together. Josh apparently pushed things a little too far during one fight scene, accidentally slamming Kate into a rail which snapped and sent her plunging six foot onto the floor below.

“She refused to allow anyone to help her. Brolin was extremely apologetic, saying he didn’t realise how rough he was being,” an insider told National Enquirer.

The crew immediately rushed to help, but Kate was fine save for some bruising. She even eventually helped Josh calm down.

“He started criticising the carpenters for not making the railing strong enough – but before he could continue his rant, feisty Kate had picked herself up and told the director that as soon as the railing was fixed, she’d be ready to shoot again,” the source added.

Labor Day is about a depressed woman who unwittingly becomes involved with a convict.