(Cover) - EN Movies - Samuel L. Jackson says he doesn’t feel very “cool”.
The actor is known for his straight-talking characters in films such as Jungle Fever and Pulp Fiction.
However, the 63-year-old says the image he has built up through his work is nothing like his real character.
“People tend to attach your personality to who you are on screen,” he told Total Film.
“Now I’m on Twitter people say, ‘Oh, you weren’t acting. You’re just being yourself.’ It’s sort of an insult. It’s sort of not. Because my Twitter character is a character. It’s me in a way, but it’s not me. When you play characters that say snappy things and seem to be in control in their environment, people label that as being cool. I don’t see myself as that because I get confused sometimes during the day and I have moments of, ‘F**k, I wish I could do something about this, and I can’t.’ And I don’t feel so cool.”
Samuel openly struggled with drugs in the past and was admitted into rehab in the ‘90s.
Shortly after leaving rehab, he appeared in hit film Jungle Fever and the movie legend says the time to reflect helped him become a better actor.
“I emerged from [rehab] with a lot more clarity; being able to understand the work and get in touch with it, not standing outside of it and watching it happen,” he explained.
“I used to stand and watch myself act, and think, ‘This sh*t is awesome’ when it was f**king not. I was not in touch with what I was doing. When I now go back and look at some of it, I go, ‘I wish I could go back and do some of that again.’”
Samuel takes on the role of a plantation slave in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, which hits cinemas from next month.