La Muse Venale Theater has begun shooting of Mersey Boys, a feature-length film about the Beatles.

The movie shall be shot entirely in New York City with the Hudson River passing as the Mersey River. The Fab Four are being played by Jordan Brown (John), Jeremiah Stanfield (Paul), Brady Cudmore (George) and Trevor Crane (Ringo).

Joanna Pickering, a rising British film star shall be playing the lead role of Ginny Brown.

Mike Strozier is the director of the film. Mr. Strozier shall also play the leading character, Al Moran. The screenplay is by Steven G. Farrell and it is based off of Farrell’s novel Mersey Boys (World Audience Publisher). Co-stars also include Ronnie Armani (Brian Epstein), Ryan Farrell (Gerry Marsden), and Tatyana Kalko (Cynthia Powell).

Other cast members include Anna Shields, McKenzie Ginsburg and John Chatterton.

Mersey Boys revolves around Al Moran, an Irish-American art professor, who arrives to teach at the Liverpool Art College, circa 1960.

He immediately clashes with a rebellious young Scouser by the name of john Lennon. The two soon become fast friends and are together when the Beatles are founded. Professor Moran follows the career of his four new mates from their coffee shop debut to their ultimate success as the world’s greatest rock n roll band. The hapless scholar also pursues the elusive Ginny Browne, a beautiful and independent woman.

Mersey Boys shall be premiered at the famous Actor’s Temple on Broadway in the Spring of 2013. Come and join the fun.