Anna Kendrick says Blake Lively could "kick her ass".

The actress is currently shooting indie thriller movie The Voices with Blake's husband, actor Ryan Reynolds.

Anna joked that she's sure the Gossip Girl star doesn't mind her working with Ryan, as Blake's physically much more impressive than she is.

"I'm in Germany with Ryan Reynolds, I'm doing a movie with him now. He's a sweetheart. He's here with his wife Blake Lively, they are the cutest couple. It makes you sick. They are very, very sweet. No, there's no PDAs they are very lovely, they are not obnoxious at all," Anna told Australian radio hosts Kyle & Jackie O.

"She's so tall too, I've met her before, years and years ago, and every time I see her, her height surprises me. She could totally kick my ass! I don't think she's worried about it [me working with Ryan]."

Anna has been making headlines for her saucy posts on Twitter. She enjoys seeing what she can get away with when posting her rude comments online.

"On Twitter you say something dirty and then watch people's minds explode, it's really fun. It's the mischievous part of me that would pull Halloween pranks. I do have fun saying dirty things on Twitter," she laughed.

"Yeah my mom does read them, she follows me on Twitter, but I cursed like a sailor growing up so she's probably used to it. Although she probably does think I'm quite strange saying it."