Denise Richards wants Brooke Mueller’s twins to remain in her “very happy household”.

The actress is currently caring for Brooke’s children with Charlie Sheen, four-year-old brothers Bob and Max.

Denise became temporary legal guardian of the twins after Brooke entered rehab for the 19th time in May.

The boys are getting along well with their half-sisters Sam, nine, and Lola, seven, and Denise’s home is an ideal environment for them.

“The twins are a part of Denise’s family, and they love being with their sisters,” a source told Radar Online.

“It’s a very happy household. It gets a bit chaotic, but Denise can handle it.”

When the Los Angeles County of Department of Children and Family Services removed Bob and Max from Brooke’s care, she was considered to be a danger to herself and others and was involuntarily confined.

Charlie feels his boys are safe in Denise’s care.

“Charlie is 100 percent supportive of Denise raising the twins, and he feels she would be the best possible mother they could have,” the insider revealed.

Apparently Denise is prepared to formally seek permanent guardianship over the twins.

It is rumoured that authorities are largely supportive of her desire to become their main caretaker.

“Social workers have interviewed Denise multiple times since she was granted temporary guardianship, and they have been impressed with her commitment and dedication to the twins,” the insider said.

Brooke recently transferred treatment facilities from the Betty Ford Clinic in California to a sober living beach complex in Orange County.

This move is likely to destroy her chances of getting her boys back.

“[Charlie is] absolutely stunned that Brooke moved out of the sober living facility,” another insider recently revealed.

“Brooke says she is still getting outpatient treatment at a clinic in San Jan Capistrano, but she isn’t being randomly drug tested. Social workers are preparing a report for the judge in child dependency court and are going to recommend that Brooke’s parental right be terminated, immediately.”