Michelle Dockery likes men who have "a certain sense of chivalry".

The 31-year-old actress stars as Lady Mary Crawley in the award-winning British TV series Downton Abbey.

Michelle is currently single and wants to find a guy who displays the traits seen in the male characters in the hit period drama.

"And I suppose I like a certain sense of chivalry - I like a man who opens a door for me and pays for dinner - at least on the first few dates. I really notice it if a man does that," she confessed to the latest edition of Hello! magazine. "Maybe it's because I've got used to the men doing it on Downton Abbey, but I am definitely a romantic."

After a three-year relationship with architect Trent Davies, Michelle had a brief fling with actor Joseph Millson that ended last year.

The star says her own experiences in love haven't put her off dating, and she is open to the idea of finding 'the one'.

"I do believe in one true love," she continued. "I hope to be married one day. What do I look for in a guy? Well, I do like a man to be smart and well-dressed - I do like a suit."

In the upcoming fourth series of the show we see Lady Mary struggle to bond with her son George in the wake of her husband's death.

Michelle wonders if Britain's Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were influenced in naming their own child George after seeing the series.

"Well, they called their son George just like Lady Mary does, didn't they?" she questioned. "So, on the show, we all think that may be the case."