Gary Oldman didn’t “chase” his role in RoboCop.

The 55-year-old actor plays Dr. Norton in this year's reboot of the 1987 action movie, starring Joel Kinnaman as the lead.

Despite being a fan of the original film, Gary wasn't bothered about starring in the new version. He soon realised it is more relevant in this day and age than before though.

"This role was not something I was chasing. I liked the original movie. Very much. I watched it again recently, and it's still very good. The most striking thing re-watching it now is how technologically scary the whole thing is," he explained to British magazine ShortList.

"By that I mean where we have come. The original was a far-fetched depiction of the future, but many aspects of it are almost a reality now. Robots were always a thing of the future. They were in science-fiction films, in Doctor Who. Now we talk about drones killing people while eating our dinner - it's happening, and that's one reason why I thought this might be an interesting film to go back to."

Gary has stared in an array of hit films, from Harry Potter to The Dark Knight Rises.

However, it is his character Norman Stansfield in director Luc Besson's 1994 picture Léon: The Professional which still gains him the most attention. He starred alongside Natalie Portman in the feature, who was just 11when she was cast as young Mathilda.

"People always want to know about Léon, it seems to be a real favourite of my films. I lead a very normal life, but occasionally I get people wanting things from me, and that usually has something to do with Léon," he mused.

"I go shopping, I move around. But when I am stopped it's still Léon they want to know about. Even now. I'm not sure why. It's interesting."