Kate Beckinsale (Total Recall, Pearl Harbour, Underworld) stars in Karen Moncrieff's tense new courtroom thriller THE TRIALS OF CATE MCCALL, co-starring Nick Nolte (Gangster Squad, Warrior, Cape Fear), James Cromwell (The Green Mile, The Artist) and Anna Anishimowa (The Whistleblower)

++ Out on VOD 7th July, courtesy of Solo Media.

A former hotshot lawyer, now in recovery from alcoholism and estranged from her family, must take on the case of a young woman wrongfully convicted of murder in order to regain the trust of her peers and above all else, custody of her daughter.

The case will challenge everything she vowed to uphold as she is thrown into a world of lies, violence and deception, where fighting for what’s right may mean fighting for her life!

"Grips like a vice. And Beckinsale has never been better" - BBC 5 Live
"Suspenseful…dramatic…The Trials of Cate McCall is worth seeing" - Escapist Magazine
"A complex and commanding lead…Beckinsale truly owns the film" - Influx Magazine