AnnaLynne McCord hopes to put an end to rape stigmas.

The 26-year-old 90210 actress has spoken publicly about being the victim of sexual abuse for years now.

And AnnaLynne believes it’s imperative she continues to shine light on this issue, as the star thinks women everywhere should have the ability to fully express themselves without fear of being hurt.

"It's about coming back and having the right to wear a sexy dress with side boob. I have the right to get piss drunk. I don't even drink, but it's my choice if I want to or not. I have the right to party, to dance on the rooftops, and not be violated and not to be raped. That is the stigma I want to end," she explained to E! News.

AnnaLynne hopes victim-shaming will cease because the star has experienced the dangerous effects of the societal practice firsthand.

"Because of my power trips, I didn't think anything could be my fault, but the truth for me, to my private self, was yes, absolutely [it was my fault]," she detailed. "I questioned whether or not I gave him the wrong idea. I'm a very sexual person, I wear sexy clothes."

AnnaLynne thinks sexual abuse survivors are a network of amazing people who can do good for the world if they band together and speak their truths.

"Someone who has experienced trauma - our brains do not function in the same way someone else who has never experienced trauma does. That is why survivors find each other,” she said. “Together we can find our healing, with one voice we become a collective voice, and this is not about my story, this is about our story.”