Kristen Bell is convinced her #NoKidsPolicy campaign has kept the paparazzi away.

The Veronica Mars actress is mother to 15-month-old daughter Lincoln with fiancé Dax Shepard.

The couple launched a #NoKidsPolicy campaign on Twitter, in which they refused to interview with news providers that publish pictures of celebrity children, and Kristen thinks the cause has yielded great results.

“The paparazzi don’t respect anybody. Let’s start there. Their job by nature is disrespectful. Since I’ve gotten so vocal and have spoken out, they have left my family alone. And I’ve heard from other notable families as well that they had a respite for the first time in years,” she told USA Today.

Kristen says her entire lifestyle has altered tremendously since becoming a mother. When the stunning blonde is at home with Lincoln she admits remaining focused can sometimes be a huge challenge.

“My sister has four kids. Having one kid — I can imagine how hard it is to have more than one,” she said. “Everything in my head is what’s hard about multi-tasking. Thinking about another task while trying to stay present. When I’m home, I put my phone high up on a shelf and [don’t] check it.”

When she isn’t busy with parenting or work, Kristen finds time to help other charity causes that are dear to her heart.

“I find a new one each week,” she told Just Jared recently. “I’ve been working a lot, since about nine months ago, with an organisation called PATH, which is People Assisting the Homeless.”