Gillian Anderson thinks there are a lot of similarities between her and Kristen Stewart.

The 45-year-old actress has noticed that the Twilight star has the same glint in her eye as she did when she first started out.

Gillian shot to fame as Agent Scully in smash hit sci-fi show The X-Files, opposite David Duchovny's Agent Mulder, in the early '90s.

Known for her smouldering good looks, Gillian says she still prefers to pout for the camera rather than bare her teeth in a smile.

"Do you know what's funny? Sometimes I'll see photographs of myself in the early days of The X-Files and I think that my attitude towards the whole thing was very similar to Kristen Stewart's," Gillian confessed to the British edition of Glamour magazine.

"There's a very similar look in my eye; slightly defiant, slightly bored. All I ever got was: 'Smile! Smile!' when I didn't want to smile. And I really wish that somebody at that time had told me: 'You know that it's OK to be who you really are'."

The X-Files hit TV screens in 1993, and quickly became one of the most popular shows of the decade. It paved the way for the two lead actors to become part of pop culture, with accolades such as the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and a guest appearance on The Simpsons.

Gillian now spends just as much time on the big screen as she does the small, and lives in the hope that one day a certain Canadian actor will be cast as her romantic interest.

"I do have a healthy appreciation for Ryan Gosling," she laughed. "I don't know what it is.

"I haven't met him, but I read something recently that said that from the moment he walked into the room, nobody could concentrate on anything else. I think some men do have that effect, Bradley Cooper has it, and Tom Hardy, who I think is one of the most extraordinary actors of our time."