Freida Pinto and Dev Patel only want magic in their personal lives from now on.

The couple met while they were shooting 2008 smash-hit Slumdog Millionaire and are still very happy together. However, the 29-year-old actress thinks that might change if they decide to team up again.

"I think we created all the magic that was needed for one film," she laughed to Us Weekly magazine. "We're leaving the rest of the magic for our personal lives."

Freida and her 24-year-old beau might not want to work together on a movie set, but they do collaborate in other areas. They like to keep their personal life out of the limelight and spend a great deal of time doing everyday things with each other - such as attempting to cook flashy meals.

"I don't want to say we like cooking because we're both not good," Freida laughed. "We argue through the prep, but it's fun."

Although she accepts she isn't a culinary whiz-kid, Freida would like to be better behind the stove. Apart from eating more exciting meals, the actress harbors dreams of adopting a totally new career path.

"I wish I could cook Indian food because I could start a restaurant and have an alternative career. There aren't any good Indian places in LA!" she admitted.

Despite being together for over six years, Freida and Dev don't talk about their personal life much. In a recent interview she claimed that being secretive is probably one of the reasons why their relationship has gone the distance.

They also work on being romantic in their own way. Earlier this year Freida admitted she doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day as she doesn't understand it.

"Every day should be a celebration of love," Dev explained of their philosophy.