Michael Douglas has been through so much nothing shocks him anymore.

The 69-year-old actor's latest movie is called And So It Goes, in which he plays a man who has to look after the granddaughter he never knew existed when his son is sent to prison. The story in part mirrors Michael's own life, as his son Cameron is currently serving a lengthy prison term for drug offences.

"You read a script and you smile in those pieces… that come close to your story," Michael admitted to New York Post.

"I guess at this point in my life, at my age, you’ve gone through so many things that nothing really surprises you.”

The film is directed by Rob Reiner, who couldn't help consider how the plot might affect Michael. The actor was even given the choice about changing parts of it, but impressed the director and his co-stars by tackling the subject matter head on.

"He said just leave it the way it is. It obviously must have been tough for him," Rob explained.

And So It Goes premiered in East Hampton, New York, on Sunday, with Michael's wife Catherine Zeta-Jones on hand to offer him support. The pair seemed relaxed and happy together, once again proving the temporary separation they embarked on in 2013 is a thing of the past.

Also at the event was the actor's co-star Diane Keaton, who shows off her vocal skills in the flick. Lead singer of The Four Seasons Frankie Valli also makes an appearance, which made Diane petrified of taking to the microphone.

"She had no idea he [Valli] was in the movie," Rob giggled, before referencing Michael's portrayal of musician Liberace in Behind the Candelabra.

"She says, ‘Why did you do that to me' You scared the hell out of me!’ And I said, don’t worry about it, I have to play piano in front of Liberace over here."