Jon Favreau has always been a big tipper.

The 47-year-old is one of the most powerful names in Hollywood, thanks to his quadruple threat of acting, writing, producing and directing skills.

While he has worked steadily in the industry since the mid ‘90s, Jon confesses even before he found fame he was generous.

“A lot. A lot,” he answered Empire magazine when they inquired after his tipping habits. “There’s a celebrity tax. You have to, especially now with social media. You cannot stiff somebody. I feel bad because I was a bartender so already I was a good tipper before I was famous or had money.”

The actor answered a series of quick fire questions for the publication's monthly feature How Much is a Pint of Milk.

As well as being quizzed on what the dairy product costs, he also had to reveal his nickname (Favs), his most star struck moment (when he met Dan Aykroyd) and his signature dish (smoked brisket).

When the publication asked him to rate his fame on a scale of one to ten, Jon remained modest.

“Judging by how many people recognized me just crossing the street today, I’d say probably about a four. They recognize me, but there’s a freak-out level that happens where your quality of life begins to diminish. I saw it happen with Robert [Downey Jr.] I’d say he’s a nine. But nine means you can’t go to Disneyland without security,” he smiled.

“[People constantly quote my lines]. That’s where the four is a little misleading. Vegas is not a four. Vegas, I’ll get, ‘You’re so money!’ yelled in my face. They’re talking about Swingers all the way there. In Vegas, I’m an eight.”