Woody Allen is "always disappointed" with his movies.

The iconic filmmaker has helmed and starred in many releases over the years and is known for his distinct directing style. His latest offering Magic in the Moonlight stars Emma Stone as Sophie, a possible fraud spiritualist who British stage magician Stanley (Colin Firth) is sent to unmask.

Regardless of the reviews they garner, Woody isn't satisfied with the finished result of many of his features.

"I am always disappointed - there is always a big difference in what one sets out to make and what one ends up with. What you set out to make is in your mind... in fantasy, it is what exists on paper," he explains in his first ever podcast with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz.

“'Emma is going to do this line and it will be great,' then when you do it Emma doesn't want to do those lines as they are hard to do - or the weather was not so great so we have to shift it to a different location because the sunlight is too harsh there. Or it takes her much longer to shuffle the deck of cards than you thought."

Woody continued to reveal some favourite moments from his flicks, one being in Blue Jasmine when "Cate Blanchett blew up and lost her cool" and another the scene in Match Point "where Jonathan Rhys Meyers is flirting with Scarlett Johansson at the ping pong table".

The 78-year-old doesn't struggle for big names to star in his ventures.

"For years, most of the films I made starred me. Then I mostly wrote for women, I worked with all the great women. The guys are great but they are always busy. I have called [Robert] De Niro, I've spoken on the phone to Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson..." Woody explained.

"Now I am working with Joaquin Phoenix, who is a great actor, and Sean Penn. I just haven't had the opportunity to work with some of our greatest - Pacino, De Niro, Nicholson. I would love to work with [Kevin Spacey] if I had anything for him I would do it in a minute."