Frank Grillo found working on The Purge: Anarchy more "satisfying" than Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The 51-year-old stars in both movies, taking on the role of Leo in the horror film and super-villain Brock Rumlow/Crossbones in the upcoming Marvel flick. Comparing both features, Frank found there was a lot more freedom during The Purge despite the lack of funds.

"Cap 2 for me was a whole learning experience, because it was a four month movie in different states and countries. The elevator scene - that was a two week scene, just to shoot that three minute sequence. Two weeks. When you think about that, you do a page of material a day," he explained to

"And if you didn’t get it that day, you’d do it the next, because there was an abundance of money... The thing is, [Purge producer] Jason Blum and Universal didn’t interfere with us creatively, so in a sense it was more satisfying, because you really got to make this movie the way we wanted to make it. But it’s not easy making movies like this."

The actor has starred alongside a lot of big names during his career, such as Jason Statham in crime thriller Homefront. It seems the action star had a big affect on Frank, who is now in awe of both his performance and drinking skills.

"He’s great man. He’s a guy who understands his appeal to an audience. He understands his limitations. So he’s very professional," Frank gushed. "He really knows what he’s doing, and I respect that. He doesn’t believe he’s Daniel Day-Lewis, you know what I mean' And he’s great at the action stuff, and he’s really charming. I can’t say enough good stuff about him. And like I said, he can drink more vodka than any man I know!"