Johnny Depp says Transcendence will force viewers to question technology.

The 51-year-old Academy Award-nominated actor portrays scientist Will in the dystopian sci-fi film and his character is striving to create the first self-aware machine.

And when artificial intelligence is achieved, the consequences prove dangerous for humanity.

"This film will force people to ask questions: how far should any of it go?" Depp mused in a special features clip obtained by Celebuzz from the Transcendence DVD/Blu-ray set, which reaches stores this week. "That kind of intelligence in the wrong hands could be quite devastating."

Johnny’s colleagues agree with his stance on the film’s potential cultural impact.

Cillian Murphy, who plays Agent Buchanan, notes the characters in Transcendence didn’t know what they were in for until it was too late.

“They all realise then this has gone beyond what they first imagined through to something extraordinary,” he explained.

Co-star Kate Mara is elated Transcendence gets audiences thinking about what is possible for the future.

She believes it is essential for human beings to discuss what they imagine the world will look like centuries from now.

“I think the best kind of movies are the ones that get people to think and get people to talk about different ideas and I think this movie is definitely one of those,” Kate said.

Later on in the special features clip, director Wally Pfister chimed in on the message he intended to send through Transcendence.

“It’s my hope that people think carefully whether technology can be used for the betterment of mankind or to its detriment,” the filmmaker stated.