LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have undergone therapy so they can communicate better.

The couple have faced staunch criticism of their union as they met when they were married to other people. Making it even harder is their acrimonious relationship with Eddie's ex-wife Brandi Glanville, who he has two sons with.

While stories about them are often in the headlines, LeAnn insists people don't understand how much time and effort they put into their family.

"We have gone through hell and back to be together and blend a family. These sort of things are not easy. It takes a commitment," she told the American edition of OK! magazine. "We've gone to therapy to learn how to communicate better because we don't want to screw with the kids. It has made us better and our marriage stronger."

The pair are now taking the rumours into their own hands by starring in a reality show called LeAnn & Eddie. They hope it will go some way to dismiss speculation their relationship is a sham, or that they are on the verge of splitting.

"We wanted to work with each other again and with all of the crazy sensationalised stories about us, people have only heard one side of things," Eddie said. "We wanted to poke fun at all the drama and show how we deal with it. We read some of these articles and... we wanted to give the audience a glance at who we are as a couple, why we really are in love. It's not a sham - there's real substance between us."

The pair are constantly asked whether they are planning a family together and they do hope to have children. While LeAnn, 31, would like one bundle of joy, her 41-year-old spouse joked that he'd be happy with five.

LeAnn has been touring of late, while Eddie has been at home spending time with his sons. He has no problem enjoying some quiet time career-wise, with LeAnn just pleased they are there for each other.

"We support each other in many ways. Eddie has made sacrifices to be at home with his kids. When he did [TV show] The Playboy Club, he'd fly home for 24 hours to see the kids, and their grades were dropping and they weren't making it to school on time," she explained. "So to see him take the backseat on his career to make sure they're safe and happy is amazing. He's turned down a lot of work."