Daniel Radcliffe thinks people should stop entering “the friend zone”.

The 25-year-old British actor is currently promoting his new romantic comedy entitled What If, which is about a young man who falls in love with a woman who already has a boyfriend.

In real life, Daniel doesn’t believe it’s necessarily a good thing to hold back on authentic feelings.

“Stop calling it the friend zone. Stop talking to your other friends about it ‘cause they’re bored and just ask her! My advice would just be nothing bad can happen from having a conversation,” he told Perez Hilton. “You might not get the answer you want but at either way you’ll be able to move on with your life in some way.”

Daniel thinks What If, which also stars Adam Driver and Megan Park, is pretty poignant in its representation of youthful romance.

But he says his character never quite enters “the friend zone” in the feature.

“The term friend zone is interesting because I understand it as if you fancy someone and they don’t fancy you, they put you in friend zone. But this movie is more about two people who really fancy each other, it’s absolutely reciprocated, except one of them has a boyfriend,” Daniel explained. “So they’re in this morally grey area so they just become friends. Love is wonderful and confusing, but wonderful.”

The actor has been in a relationship with Erin Darke since 2012, after they met on the set of 2012 movie Kill Your Darlings.
What If reaches US theatres this weekend.