Chloë Grace Moretz is not OK with the "stalking aspect" of fame.

The actress is only 17 but has already made a name for herself in Hollywood, thanks to roles in films such as Kick-Ass, Let Me In and Carrie. She loves her job, but not all the things that come with it. Chloë gets that being recognised comes with the territory, but also thinks she should be allowed some private time with her pals.

"It's OK when younger fans want a picture and they're actual fans, but it's more the stalking aspect of it that's weird - when they follow you around with your friends. I'm like, 'Look, I'm only 17, I'm young,'" she told Company magazine.

The star is aware of her fanbase, which impacts some of the career choices she makes. Her latest release is If I Stay, which is based on the book by Gayle Forman and sees Chloë's character Mia deciding between her boyfriend and her career dream. She took the part because she likes the message of the film, which the star believes is empowering for young girls.

Chloë hopes to be the type of actress people can admire, citing who fills that spot for her.

"I really look up to Julianne Moore, she is someone I'd call an icon... And I know I could text her and she'd give me a really genuine response," she said.

The two stars appeared alongside each other in horror remake Carrie.

Being a role model is something Chloë takes seriously, which is why she is pleased that the Hollywood wild child stereotype seems to have died out.

"For sure, I think the sort of girls people look up to are girls who are academically smart and don't just party," she said. "I think circa 2002, that was the time of parties; it was the cool thing to do. I will never be a party girl. I don't really like going to events and things; it's just not my scene."