Daniel Radcliffe insists there is no chance of anything untoward happening when he's naked on stage because "'it' gets scared".

The Harry Potter actor has broken free from the wizard franchise with roles in many grown-up theatre and movie productions. He starred in Equus in London's West End and on Broadway and had to appear nude during both performances, plus he stripped off in his latest big screen outing What If.

The 25-year-old doesn't revel in being naked in front of the cast and crew, but insists it isn't as bad as many think.

"On film, [being aroused] is just not an issue. You're just sort of laughing about it and it can be quite fun. Getting naked on stage, particularly the first few times you do it, is a terrifying experience and, I quote, the opposite of anything like that," he assured British magazine Heat.

"Oh yeah. 'It' gets scared! With film, some veil of professionalism comes down. You don't want to make the other person feel uncomfortable. Like, any encounter where two people are naked, you're very conscious of the other person as well and you don't want to make them feel awkward. So me running around with a hard-on might do that... Don't look at me like that!"

Daniel has been forced to get used to many of the strange aspects of fame over the years. As well as fans screaming when they see him and an intense interest in his personal life, the actor will never understand why people insist of shortening his name to 'Dan Rad'.

"It's just weird to have a celebrity nickname and have people occasionally call you that in your real life. It's like when people say 'hashtag embarrassing' or something, and I want to punch them," he explained.

"A few people call me that. My friends. Kind of taking the p**s, but I kind of feel like it's one of those things where they've been taking the p**s out of it for so long, that it's now becoming a nickname."

Being asked about his love life is another thing the star isn't sure he'll ever get used to. He understands his fans are interested, but he doesn't want to share too much. He will talk a little about his current squeeze Erin Darke though, just saying they are having a great time together.

"It's all going well. She's wonderful, she's an actress, as you know... Er... and... I don't really talk about that stuff anymore, just because I did it in the past and it was silly of me... Er, but... I'm trying to think what nice thing I can tell you... Yeah," he stuttered. "We're very happy... she's hilarious, funny and brilliant."