Jessica Chastain wants to star in a superhero movie, but only if she gets to wear a "cool costume".

The 37-year-old actress boasts a diverse film career, playing everyone from ditzy blonde Celia Foote in The Help to CIA agent Maya in Zero Dark Thirty. While she has explored a variety of genres, Jessica admits there is still one area she is keen to get into.

“I would love to do a superhero movie! I would have loved to have played Black Widow," she told British newspaper The Guardian. “A couple of times I’ve gotten really close. The problem is, if I do a superhero movie, I don’t want to be the girlfriend. I don’t want to be the daughter. I want to wear a f**king cool costume with a scar on my face, with fight scenes. That’s what I’d love.”

Jessica has also been lucky enough to star opposite a host of A-list names, such as Al Pacino in film Salomé. He directs the feature and also plays her title character's stepfather, King Herod. This follows on from his helming Jessica in 2011 documentary-drama film Wilde Salomé, exploring the play written by Oscar Wilde

“I still see Al as a second father," Jessica smiled. “I could see the stress [during filming]. He took a lot of time directing us and was very generous. But he’s also acting too, so he needs his time. There’s that moment in the documentary where he barks: ‘I can’t just turn it on!’”

It also marked a big role for Jessica as she appears naked in the climactic scene. If requested to strip down again, the actress insists she would - if it was appropriate.

“I’d still do the nudity,” Jessica added. “I think it’s necessary for that play. It isn’t a seduction or a striptease, it’s a murder. But if I played Salomé today I don’t know if it would be as good. I had nothing to lose.”