Jay Z reportedly feels he can talk "openly" to David Beckham.

The musician and former soccer player have struck up a friendship and were spotted chatting away at a sporting event in Paris at the end of last month, where they were joined by Jay's wife Beyoncé Knowles.

The musicians' marriage has been plagued by rumours over the last couple of months, with claims the rapper was unfaithful to his spouse.

David, too, has faced similar problems after he was accused of cheating on wife Victoria in 2004, so is said to be offering advice to his new pal.

"Jay doesn't trust many people but felt David was someone he could speak openly to, plus he understands what it's like to have your relationship put under such intense scrutiny," an insider told British magazine Closer. "Jay and Beyoncé are keen to mend their marriage's tarnished image and asked David for his advice over a quiet drink after the match last month. He was really sympathetic."

The couples have admired each other for years, with David first meeting Beyoncé in 2005 after working with Pepsi together.

Victoria also previously admitted she was thrilled when the songstress wore one of her gowns. Their bond is only getting stronger, according to reports.

"David and Jay Z first hit it off at a private party in LA last year, but grew close after bumping into each other at various social events over the past year - they have a lot of shared contacts in the sports and fashion industries," the insider continued. "Jay has spoken with David about how he and Victoria managed to build such a strong brand as a couple, something they have in common."