Michelle Monaghan can't help but gush about all of her leading men.

The American actress has starred alongside some of Hollywood's biggest names and they've all lived up to her expectations.

Her latest role in The Best of Me, a love story about two high school sweethearts who reunite many years later, sees her get close to James Marsden. When British newspaper Metro asked her to sum up her male co-stars in a few words, Michelle had no problem heaping praise on them.

"James Marsden - oh my gosh, just an inherent goodness. Luke Bracey - Aussie through and through. Robert Downey Jr. - just immense, just someone that I am completely indebted to. You know, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was one of the first lead roles I'd ever had, and he was just so supportive and fun," she smiled.

"Tom Cruise - a total professional and generous actor. Jake Gyllenhaal - so smart and dedicated. Ben Affleck - just so good at every aspect of filmmaking. Shia LaBeouf - another smart person, someone who's made to direct one day. Matthew McConaughey - a pleasure to be around."

Another A-lister she loved working with is Adam Sandler. The pair's new movie, Pixels, is due out next year and tells the story of tech experts recruited by the military to fight 1980's-era video game characters who've set their sights on New York.

"Yeah I adore Adam. We had the best time filming Pixels for 12 hours a day for three months straight, Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage and myself, it's a comedy and those guys just know how to roll; their timing is impeccable," she enthused.