Milla Jovovich is entirely smitten with baby daughter Dashiel.

The 39-year-old actress and husband Paul W. S. Anderson welcomed their second little girl into the world on April 1.

Since her arrival, Milla has been treating her social media followers to intimate family snaps.

The latest, which she posted on Instagram on Tuesday, shows a sleeping Dashiel being held by her seven-year-old sister Ever.

In the accompanying caption, Milla wrote: “Ever Gabo and her baby sister Dashiel Edan.? These are the moments where I wish I could stop time for a little. #ladiary.”

Milla is used to parenthood, as she has already been through it once before with Ever. But she admitted earlier this week that the sleepless nights don’t become any easier to handle the second time around.

“Omg, it 930am and little Ms. Dashiel Edan has decided to finally go to sleep!” she wrote on Sunday. “Here's to a lifetime of sleepless nights for mama and papa!?Happy Easter everyone from our family to yours! Xo m #fourdaysold #ladiary.”

Dashiel was born weighing 7lbs. 10 oz. and measuring 20 inches long.

Milla previously revealed that she'll be strict when it comes to dating in her household.

"One of my French friends has a son, he's only just ten, but he's already had his first proper kiss," she marvelled to German TV channel TELE 5.

"I think in Europe it's all a bit different. I would kill my daughter if she had a boyfriend at the age of ten - especially if they were kissing with tongues!"