Mischa Barton has filed a lawsuit against her mother Nuala.

The former O.C. star is accusing Nuala, who also works as her manager, of being a “greedy stage mother posing as a talent manager” in documents filed on Tuesday.

In the lawsuit, Mischa is accusing her mother of taking the majority of her salary from her film The Hoarder.

The documents say that while Nuala told her she was making a certain amount through the film, she was actually earning more.

Mischa says she eventually discovered through the production company that she was not receiving her full salary, which also included a 10% management fee for Nuala.

"While Barton was busy perfecting her craft and turning her acting dreams into reality, her mother, defendant Nuala Barton, was secretly scheming to exploit Barton's bourgeoning career for her benefit,” the lawsuit reads.

In addition to the income discrepancies, Mischa is accusing Nuala of kicking her out of her Beverly Hills home after arranging ownership of the eight-bedroom property to be in her name as well as her daughter’s.

Mischa says that her father and Nuala are still “comfortably” living at the house.

As well as her money from her various acting pursuits, Mischa has ventured into fashion design in the past few years, lending her name to a handbag line and also to open a boutique in London, England.

However, Mischa claims that Nuala kept all the profits from both ventures for herself.

“Nuala did not compensate Barton for the use of her name, image and likeness, nor did she share in any of the profits from these ventures with Barton," the documents continue. "This is all despite the fact that the businesses were built solely on Barton's fame and popularity."

According to the lawsuit, Nuala has been fired from her management role.