Laurence Fishburne was born "an old man".

The 53-year-old actor is a firm figure in the movie industry, taking on memorable roles such as Morpheus in the Matrix trilogy and Mr. Clean in Apocalypse Now.

He's currently starring as Pops alongside Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross in new TV series Black-ish and is in awe of their tech knowledge.

"I was an old man when I was 18. I just came out old. I'm so... These guys are so great with the Twitter and the Facebook... And the Vine and I don't know nothing, they just let me hang out," Laurence laughed to Jimmy Kimmel. "But these guys are great, they promote the show all the time and they make little videos and they let me be in them so, it's kinda cool."

This isn't his first time working with Tracee, who now plays his daughter-in-law after playing his onscreen wife in CSI. The 42-year-old actress was happy to get her co-star involved with her ventures online, which is when she realised how out-of-touch Laurence is with Internet hits.

"He's very easy to rope in and when you show him videos he loves it. But we did actually have a funny story... Remember when we were talking about T-Murda?" she asked Anthony, who also appeared on the show. "We were talking about my [online musical] alter ego T-Murda and I was saying, 'I don't really know if T-Murda wants to do an album,' and out of nowhere Laurence comes over and he goes, 'You really don't want anything to do with someone called T-Murda.' And I was like, 'No no, I'm T-Murda!'"

Laurence laughs looking back, admitting he took a protective stance and "disapproved" of Tracee "associating herself" with someone called that.