Bruce Jenner reportedly knows Diane Sawyer will handle his story tastefully.

The former Olympic athlete has been the subject of much media speculation for more than a year, with rumours he's transitioning into a woman the hot topic of conversation.

Tonight his much hyped interview with Diane will air, with most people believing it will be his way of revealing the big news.

"He chose Diane because he knew she would work with him to present his journey tastefully. He felt safe and in control," a source told Us Weekly.

"[The interview is] to reintroduce himself to society as a woman. Bruce is very proud and excited.

“Bruce told Diane he has wanted to be a woman for as far back as he can remember. He always felt it and kept burying it.”

Bruce, 65, is a dad of six, and also has four step-children with Kris Jenner, who he was married to for over 22 years until last December.

The family have reportedly rallied around him, with all of the kids still calling him dad. Bruce is apparently not ready to reveal the female name he'd like to go by just yet.

“[He] hasn’t asked anyone in the family to call him anything else. They all call him Dad and will continue to call him Dad.

“He knew revealing his new name would become a headline and take the focus off his life story. Bruce will roll out details later," the insider said.

Bruce's relationship with his kids is even said to have gotten stronger through all of this. And his youngest daughters Kendall, 19, and 17-year-old Kylie are apparently completely behind him.

“They told him they support him and he’s so proud of them," the source said.

“The family will all act supportive. But Bruce knows who has been there and who hasn’t.”