Sofia Vergara was “compressed like a sausage” while shooting new movie Hot Pursuit.

The 42-year-old actress stars alongside Reese Witherspoon in the upcoming comedy.

And while Reese was more than comfortable in her police woman outfit, Sofia’s wardrobe as the widow of a drug dealer was a little more restrictive.

“Reese got to be comfortable on set,” Sofia told “I was miserable all the time, compressed like a sausage in that white dress. Sweating, and then those high heels, and the blisters, while she was all carefree and sitting on the floor. And she wouldn’t even change for lunch. It was like the dirtier she looked, the better.”

Sofia and Reese have obvious chemistry in the film and bounce well off each other. As well as starring alongside another strong female actress, Sofia says another reason she agreed to be in the project is because she feels it has a strong message for viewers.

“I think my character is great,” she said. “I realised that this movie is not like a normal movie where a girl is usually trying to trick some guy or get some guy to marry her. This is a movie with two different women who have two different personalities and they’re trying to achieve the same thing and trying to survive.

“I think a lot of girls can look at this and learn many things from the relationship. You don’t have to look the same or be the same to understand another human being and support each other.”