James McAvoy's acting suffered during one film shoot because he became addicted to playing video games in his spare time.

The Scottish actor has had critical success with his roles in 2008 action movie Wanted and as Nicholas Garrigan in 2006's Academy Award-winning The Last King of Scotland.

But during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, James shares that he hit a career low when shooting 2007's Becoming Jane opposite Anne Hathaway, as he became addicted to playing video games in his free time.

"When I went to Ireland to film Becoming Jane my partner got me an Xbox (games console) and I thought, 'What have you done? You're going to ruin the job for me.' I stayed up three nights in a row playing Oblivion," he explained. "I was working 16-hour days and then staying up all night playing the game."

By the end of the game, James found that his performance was being impacted, as he was forgetting his lines on set and was so exhausted that he looked like he was "on crack cocaine".

"On the final morning I was eating pizza, drinking coke and still playing the game when the driver collected me for filming so I ejected the game and burnt the CD on the cooker," he laughed. "I haven't got into computer games since. I'm done."

Meanwhile, James had a very different concern when it came to bulking up for his new film Split. In the psychological horror, the 37-year-old was required to get in peak shape, and he admits that he felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger in some ways.

"Not because I was getting ripped, but because I'd heard he used to wear a nappy when he was at the height of his prowess as Mr Universe because when you go to the outer limits of what you are capable of, your body can release its contents! And I've got to be honest, I came close a couple of times to needing a nappy!" he joked.