Amy Schumer reflected on her difficult relationship with her mother while making Snatched.

In the upcoming film directed by Jonathan Levine, Amy plays the daughter of Goldie Hawn’s character, with the pair becoming part of an unexpected adventure when a vacation goes wrong.

The script was written by Amy, her sister Kim Caramele and Katie Dippold, and at times the star admits the plot touches on her own past, particularly her estranged relationship with her mother Sandy, which Amy opened up about in her 2016 memoir The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

“I really think that family is this constant negotiation,” she told Total Film magazine. “It's real and complicated and I think I gravitate towards or write these roles because I'm still trying to work out my own stuff.”

Amy went on to explain that the film was sort of her way of telling her mother that she knows she “did the best she could” during difficult times. And the 35-year-old believes that themes within the narrative will make sense to a lot of mothers and daughters.

“It's really a look at what it's like to be a parent and this cycle of 'you love them but you want to kill them' from both mother and daughter,” she said.

Meanwhile, Amy couldn’t be more gushing about Goldie’s performance in Snatched, which marks the veteran actress’ first film role since 2002’s The Banger Sisters. From the start, the comedienne was adamant Goldie would be perfect for the part.

“I knew there was no one else that could do this movie. She's my favourite actor and the funniest, and I felt like she raised me in a lot of ways, just watching her movies and reading her life-changing books,” she said.

Snatched, which also stars Christopher Meloni and Wanda Sykes, is due to be released in May (17).