Following its original theatrical release in 1991, James Cameron’s Oscar-winning® TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was re-released in cinemas across the country last night for its 25th anniversary in a brand-new fully restored 3D version and was no. 1 at the UK box office, it was announced today by STUDIOCANAL.

TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D opened on 29th August with a final box office total of £448,162 with a per screen average of £1,012. The film’s box office represented 17% of yesterday’s gross UK box office.

The top five sites in the country include the IMAX Southbank with £11,929, the Cineworld Sheffield with £6,464, Cineworld Edinburgh coming in at £4,604, the Odeon Metrocentre Gateshead at £4,407 and the Showcase Leeds totalling £4,233.

The one day gross box office is ahead of other classic re-released films including JURASSIC PARK 3D which came in at £409,486, the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy at £236,684 and BLADE RUNNER: DIRECTORS CUT at £150,597.

The film will continue to play on the big screen in UK cinemas this weekend, with an additional 160 sites booked for encore shows.

STUDIOCANAL initiated the restoration of the film alongside Lightstorm, Cameron’s production company and DMG Entertainment. The original 35mm negative was scanned and then restored in 4k at Deluxe L.A. The film was calibrated in 4k at Technicolor Hollywood, with a selection of the best 35mm prints from the film’s first release. The film was then converted into 3D by Stereo D (STAR WARS, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, JURASSIC WORLD).

The overall process lasted almost a year and delivered a high-quality 3D version which showcases its ground-breaking special effects. Cameron’s award-winning team supervised TITANIC’s 3D conversion and is currently working on the AVATAR sequels.

“We are incredibly pleased with the UK box office result of the event release of TERMINATOR 2 in 3D. We have been working with James Cameron for a long time on creating this version of the film, 25 years after its release, and to give fans the opportunity to see the film again as it was originally intended, on the big screen. We look forward to continuing to screen the film this weekend to enthusiastic fans across the nation,” said Yann Le Prado, Head of Catalogue.

Nearly ten years have passed since Sarah Connor was targeted for termination by a cyborg from the future. Now her son, John, the future leader of the resistance, is the target for a newer, more deadly terminator. However, the human resistance have managed to send them an ally, a warrior from the future.

In addition to the UK, STUDIOCANAL has already re-released the film in Australia, New Zealand and Germany and will re-release in France on 14th September. The restored 3D version is being released worldwide by other distributors including North America, Japan, Russia, Canada, Benelux and India.

The Home Entertainment release will be at the end of October and available as new 4k UHD, 3D blu-ray, 2D, blu-ray and DVD skus, including a limited-edition Endo-Arm and a steelbook version. The release will include many exclusive bonus features including a brand new 55-minute documentary with new interviews with the cast and crew including James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This will be the first catalogue title released by Studiocanal in the 4k UHD format.

TERMINATOR 2 is part of STUDIOCANAL’s extensive catalogue of films, which boasts more than 9000 original titles from 60 countries, and is one of the most prestigious film libraries across the globe.