Dame Julie Walters prepares a traditional Christmas lunch using produce from her organic farm.

The actress continues to maintain a busy career, recently appearing in Paddington 2 while also preparing for roles in Mary Poppins Returns and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

But when it comes to the festive season, Julie ensures she relaxes and spends time with her family, and will be found cooking up a storm with her husband, organic farmer Grant Roffey, at their home near Plaistow, West Sussex on Christmas Day.

"We'll have one of our own turkeys from the farm with cranberry sauce, roast potatoes and then Christmas pudding," she told Prima magazine. "I enjoy cooking, although I'm very careful because Grant has raised that turkey!"

While Julie is organised when it comes to the ingredients she selects for dinner, she admitted that she almost ruined a meal one year when she switched her oven to the wrong setting.

"A few years ago, I had the family over and put the turkey in the oven and was surprised by how delicious it smelt so quickly. I realised just in time that I had the grill on instead of the oven!" the 67-year-old shared.

In past years, Julie has felt "pressure" to entertain many guests and family members over the holidays.

But this year she is determined to have a quiet day with her husband and their 29-year-old daughter Maisie.

"Farmer's don't get days off. So, when we get up on Christmas morning, Grant is already out on the farm, although it's a relaxing day for him because the turkeys have all finally gone. While he's out, Maisie and I make tea and sit in front of a big fire to open our presents from one another. It's very cosy," she added.