Naomie Harris was totally charmed by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson when they worked together on movie Rampage.

The actress received an Oscar nomination for her dramatic role in Moonlight last year (17) but is now braving the action genre in her latest movie. And the British star couldn’t speak more highly of Dwayne, who plays the lead role in the flick.

“He walks onto a set, and it’s like the whole set lights up and becomes alive,” she gushed in an interview with Britain’s Total Film magazine. “It’s amazing. He’ll give you one of his kilowatt smiles, and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I’m just dazzled.’”

“He has bucket-loads of charisma, I’ve never really seen anything like it,” Naomie continued. “I mean, the only other two people that I would say are like him would be Obama and Will Smith. He’s just a complete one-off.”

Though Dwayne was incredibly charming, it was something else that attracted the Southpaw star to Rampage, which is released in cinemas 13 April (18).

“What happens with acting, I find, is that you can very quickly get stereotyped,” Naomie explained. “What keeps me excited and passionate is variety and challenging myself in new directions all the time. I never, ever would want to get trapped and chained to just one character.”

The 41-year-old is also known for her role in the James Bond series, having played the iconic Eve Moneypenny in both Skyfall and Spectre. Danny Boyle recently confirmed that he would be taking over from Sam Mendes as director of the next movie, and Naomie is more than happy to welcome the Slumdog Millionaire Oscar winner to the team.

“He’s extraordinary,” she praised. “I think he’d have an amazing twist.”