Chris Pratt is adamant his Guardians of the Galaxy character will stay true to his roots in Avengers: Infinity War.

In the latest Marvel movie, the Guardians of the Galaxy, led by Chris’ character Peter Quill, team up with the Avengers superhero group to stop villainous Thanos from destroying the universe. Though the 38-year-old is excited about joining forces with the famous clan, he doesn’t see himself as a fully-fledged Avenger.

“Peter’s always going to be a Guardian,” he insisted in an interview with Britain’s Empire magazine. “It was important to us, going into this, that the Guardians have a different style. Avengers has its own tone but in a way that allows the Guardians to remain the Guardians in terms of what they bring and what people will expect to see from them.”

The Jurassic World star predicts fans “will be on their feet” when the Guardians of the Galaxy make their debut in the upcoming film, and went on to share how accommodating Avengers veteran Robert Downey Jr. was when he first arrived on set.

“I was a little under the weather and pushing really hard on the days I was working. He came up to me and said ‘You doing alright?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I’ve got a little sore throat,’” Chris explained. “Within ten minutes there was a person there giving me all these herbs and taking care of me. He offered me the use of his trailer where I could sit down and use some of his hi-tech healing gadgets.”

The Passengers actor also added how excited he was to work with rising talents like Chadwick Boseman, and praised him in particular for his role in Marvel’s Black Panther.

“I’ve seen it twice. I loved it,” he smiled. “I thought it was so good and so inventive. Chadwick is amazing. He’s really regal and powerful.”