Ewan McGregor has revealed some crew members were so “shocked” when he and Jonathan Rhys Meyers kissed for a movie they quit.

The actors starred in 1998 drama Velvet Goldmine together, where they locked lips.

Although Ewan wasn’t fazed by the kiss, it affected a certain number of crew members so much that it led to their resignation.

"Kissing a guy has never been a problem for me. I can recall perfectly when I kissed Jonathan Rhys Meyer in Velvet Goldmine. On the set, the crew were shocked by it. The day after, we lost several members of the crew! Some of them only quit because they had seen two guys making out, incredible,” he explained to the June edition of Têtu magazine.

Ewan always worries about portraying a gay man credibly. The Scottish star acted alongside Jim Carrey in 2009 drama I Love You Phillip Morris, where he appeared as the title character who falls in love with his fellow inmate in prison.

"Since my career started my biggest fear has always been that I’ll look like a heterosexual actor who is pretending to be gay. If I have to portray a gay man in a movie, I have to be convincing. I Love you Philip Morris was my biggest challenge. I wanted Philip Morris to be camp and extra sensitive, without being typecast,” he said.

Ewan believes the movie industry should start introducing stories where older men are accepting of the sexuality. The 40-year-old actor says cinema should encourage people to be comfortable with who they are.

"Cinema and TV always depict young men who aren’t comfortable in their own skin and then come out, but you'll never see older men doing it. But every day there are mature guys revealing they are gay. It seems silly, but I find it marvellous. There is no age, no limit, to accept yourself as you are, to make peace with who you are. To just live,” he explained.

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