Benedict Cumberbatch has almost entirely given up alcohol as he prefers yoga and meditation.

The Avengers: Infinity War actor, 41, has previously recalled spending boozy nights drinking cocktails with the late physicist Stephen Hawking - but has now revealed he's stopped drinking regularly.

Asked in an interview with Britain's Radio Times magazine if he'd ever had addiction problems, he said, "No. I've had the opportunity; but even with that thing of having a glass of wine when the kids have gone to bed, I'm like, "I'm quite tired, and I don't really fancy that glass of sugary alcohol."

Benedict welcomed Christopher, his first child with wife Sophie Hunter in 2015, and their second son Hal last year - and the doting dad revealed that although he'll occasionally indulge at a party, he's replaced regular drinking with yoga and meditation.

"I'm very happy with near-sobriety," the British actor added. "I have the odd blow-out, now and again - a big birthday, or crazy weekend at a festival - but I prefer yoga and meditation."

After Stephen's death at the age of 76 in March (18), Benedict told how he'd miss their sessions drinking margaritas together and promised to drink one in honour of the late physicist.

The Sherlock star is returning to TV screens in his new show Patrick Melrose, in which he plays the title character - a drug-addled aristocratic playboy. However, he's never wanted to take drugs - having been put off by scenes in Trainspotting, Danny Boyle's 1996 drama about a gang of Scottish heroin addicts.

"I remember when I saw Trainspotting I'd never taken any drugs, and people said it was glamorising them, and I thought, 'What is glamorous about this?'," the clean living actor explained. "Do I want to wake up having nightmares in my parents' bedroom, with babies crawling on the ceiling? Do I want my friend to be dying of AIDS because of a dirty hypodermic (needle)? Nothing about this would induce me to do drugs. "