Christina Ricci managed to hide her love for John Cusack while the pair filmed their latest movie.

The Hollywood stars both have roles in Rob W. King's Distorted, which is a mystery thriller about a woman who moves into a technologically advanced 'smart apartment,' but is unknowingly being brainwashed by the property itself. And though she is a huge fan of one of John's most famous movies, Say Anything, Christina vowed to be professional on set.

"No (I didn't tell him I was a fan)," the 38-year-old insisted. "When I was doing the second Addams Family, Joan (Cusack, John's sister) took me to meet him. He had an office on the Paramount lot, while we were shooting, so I felt like he knew already. I just tried to be cool and respectful, and a good scene partner."

Christina's mind was focused on her particularly challenging lead role as Lauren, who is managing her bipolar disorder as well as being tormented by the state-of-the-art home.

"I familiarised myself with what version of emotional issue or mental stability we were going to go with for this character," the Monster star explained. "I think the challenges and the stuff you dread is the emotional breakdown scenes. And then, there was the added element of reacting to memory. There's a camera in front of you and 30 people, and everyone's just being really quiet and you're doing stuff. You have to really throw out any self-consciousness you have, and that element can be really daunting."

The actress admitted that the dark script was even harder to portray due to her typically good nature.

"The more dark and dramatic the thing that I'm filming, the lighter I am, in general, to balance that out on set. When we shot Monster, all Charlize (Theron) and I did was giggle, the entire time, to balance out how dark the material was," she recalled.