Chloe Grace Moretz never went off the rails as a child star because of her family's constant support.

The 21-year-old, who's been acting professionally since 2004, credits the Moretz clan for helping her navigate through the ups and downs of being in the public eye.

"My family has been my identity," she told Flaunt magazine. "I wouldn't know what to do without them in a lot of ways - we work together, we live together, we are all each other's best friends and everything in between, really.

"Having their support in my life has been one of the big reasons I have been able to navigate this industry and not fall into the darkness that is very, very real in this industry."

According to Flaunt, Chloe's mother Teri and brother Brandon help with the business side of her career, while her brother Trevor helps with her acting. She also has bothers Colin and Ethan. Her father, plastic surgeon McCoy Moretz, left the family home when Chloe was 13.

While the Carrie star likes to let her work do the talking, she is happy to voice her opinions at injustices within her chosen industry, but is annoyed that she gets landed with the "outspoken" label simply because she is a female.

"It's been all throughout my entire career, really. I have come across double standards, just being a young woman who has had a substantial career. I have had to fight to be heard," the actress sighed.

"If I was a man, it wouldn't be a question of whether or not my advice for my character would be something they would look at. And instead, I have had to beg for an audience from the higher-ups, just to get them to listen to me. Men don't have to fight for their voice in that sense. They are just kind of given the platform, whereas for me, it's always been a fight, a struggle, and an apology - being like, 'Oh, this is my idea, but sorry for interjecting!'"