Speaking to comedian David Walliams on his new chat show Wall of Fame, she said: " did general vandalism. I used to tag, spray graffiti. I got caught stealing the single 'Cotton Eye Joe'.

"I also dealt vitamin tablets at school when I was eight. I thought they were good. Then I was taken to the headmistress and got accused of being a drug dealer."

While she wasn't dealing drugs, Billie - who found fame as a pop star when she was just 15 with the release of her first single 'Because We Want To', has previously admitted to taking illegal substances, but insisted she never had a problem.

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl star - who is married to actor Laurence Fox, with whom she has a two-year-old son Winston - said: "I tried all those things, but it never became a problem. I was so green and that's what saved me - otherwise I may have got into it more because everyone else was and it seemed like fun.

"I had my head in the clouds, was mad, neurotic and self-destructive, a very different character to the one you see today.

"I was saved mostly by my parents, friends and boyfriends but it could have gone either way."